exclaim! t-shirts
this year i started my own line of pop art and comic book-inspired t-shirts. the designs recall the dynamic sound effects of comics of yesteryear, but with a little nonsensical flavor. they are available through my online store at café press.
greeting cards
i also started my own line of greeting cards. the first wave are halloween-themed, and feature my cat corfu engaging in holiday hijinks. they are available through my online store at café press.
this music promotion enterprise was the brainchild of my friend paul kopf and i, as we tried to figure out how to spread our love of pop music to the unknowing masses. for three years, we staged festivals and shows throughout the bay area. our final festival was in november 2002, and we decided to splurge on some real advertising materials. i designed the general theme and look of the material, represented here by the sampler cd cover and the official poster. my intention was to bridge today's current rock style with the imaginative graphic sensibilities of the peter max era. a fun exercise, and one that garnered us a lot of compliments amongst bay area music scenesters. click on either image to see a larger version.

cd cover

promotional poster

web design
the design and creation of websites is something i've been doing both professionally and for "fun" since 1998. over the last couple of years, i've designed and programmed websites for friends, family, clients... even the site you're currently viewing was created by me! using techniques learned both on the job and at home, i've put together web sites of varied styles. here is a sample of the sites i've produced over the last couple of years. click on the screenshots or the site name to launch the site in a new browser window.





rule aware
this california-based software company had changed their name and wanted a new logo. they had an idea of something animal-related, but turned the bulk of the creative brainstorming over to my colleagues and i at delaplaine creative. the owl was chosen for its mythological wisdom, as well as its fierce predatory nature. several rough iterations and variations of the owl were completed based on the client's feedback, covering both graphic and cartoonish styles. eventually a bodyguard-like idea was chosen, and after a few more takes the final image was produced.
character designs - untitled animation project
a friend who was a student at a san francisco art school approached me about helping him with designs for a short computer animated film he was creating. taking his initial ideas, i fleshed out the concepts and came up with the designs below. the characters are presented in their developmental stages, from quick sketch to final colored image. click on any image to see a larger version.